Monday, March 31, 2014

Spotlight: Digimon 02


Welcome one! Welcome all!

Today we take a look at Digimon 02

Following the total awesomeness of the first season, a second season was a given.

New Digimon!

New Characters!

New Villains!

The Gate to the Digital World is Open!

The Setting

The greatest end boss who never was!

Pretty much the same as the first show. There is a Digital World and there is a Real World. There is a group of kids who are recruited to save the world joined by their Digimon partners who evolve into powerful new forms thanks to the power of friendship.

There a few differences though. For one, this time the kids are not trapped in the Digital World. There are Gates. Lots of them. Coming and going has been much easier than in the old days.

Additionally, we have our first Human villain, the Digimon Emperor.

… okay, so technically that’s Analogman from the games, but I’m talking anime only here.

The Story

A few years have gone by since the tearful end of the first season.

Also, there’s one movie and one or two games that happened in between, but you don’t really need to know them… much.

The story does not feature the same main characters. Mind you, the old cast is still there, but the only two out of the original members that are still main characters are TK and Kari. The older kids make way for a newer generation of Digidestined: Davis, Yolei, and Cody.

These kids much fight against the evil Digimon Emperor, his mind controlled Digimon, and Dark Spires which stop Digimon from evolving (which also explains why the original kids haven’t kicked his ass).

How it Manages

Oh boy.

This season is widely divisive, but I’ll say it straight.

I don’t hate it.

Normally, I leave the bad things for last, but let’s get into what people really hate about this right away.

The epilogue.

See, pairing are serious business. So when the epilogue tells you the fan preferred couple didn’t happen and Sora ended up with Matt instead… well, some people got angry.

Another thing was the end boss being rather underwhelming. Daemon, who appeared all of one episode, had a much greater presence.

Seriously, the Daemon Corps were criminally underused. Oh well, at least we got our first animated member of the Seven Demon Lords.

Still, even its underwhelming end boss is pretty minor all things considered.

Now, the second season wasn’t as good as the first, but it did have some things going for it. The Digimon Emperor was a good concept, and Ken proved to be a good villain.

The whole Kimeramon arc was pretty great and one of the best moments of the season.

Magnamon FTW!

Respect the Royal Knight!

Back on topic, despite the hate he gets, Davis was one of the best characters of that season. No, I’m not joking. They made him even dumber in the dub, but the kid had good moments.

Seeing a (relatively) grown-up Kari and TK was nice. At some points, it made for a good contrast between the newer members and them, especially on the issue of using lethal force.

The addition of DNA evolution was a welcome one. Paildramon and Imperialdramon were badass Digimon.

Plus, it had BlackWargreymon.

It isn’t the best season. It had a lot of weak parts (the world tour for example), but it is certainly worth the watch. 

One last thing

Like before, the songs.

The opening may not be Butterfly but it has its own charm: 

Plus, the DNA evolution theme. Seriously, Beat Hit made some moments really great:

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