Monday, September 15, 2014

Al-Thamen Did Nothing Wrong

Pfft, yeah right!

Except kill plenty of innocent people.

Eggs and omelets.

In any case, the flashback arc has shown why Al-Thamen exists and really?

It’s easy to understand them.

Really easy.

There is a lot of blame to throw around in the past events of the world of Magi. Lots of people did regrettable things. 

One thing I would like to stress is that it is not one person’s fault.

The ultimate fate of Alma Torran is the result of various individual factors.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Imagine you are a human in that world. Life sucks. You don’t have claws. You don’t have a tough hide. You don’t have super powers. You are at the bottom of the food chain in a world where every race is at odds with each other. Every other race can hunt you down for food.

Most of them do.

Suddenly, God shows up and gives you power. You are now at the top. You have badass magic. You have a mission. A mission to unite the world.

Godly Smiting!

Let's face it, this constant conflict thing isn’t working out for anyone.

Flash-forward a few hundred years.

David has perverted the old ways and created mind control towers to subjugate all other races.

Enter his son, Solomon.

Solomon convinces you something needs to change. Keeping the other races under mind control is wrong. You all rally around the idea of equality and decide to free the world from David.

It’s a tough job. You are a magician so even though you freed other races little by little, the bulk of the job is still on you.

Furthermore, shit happens, because here’s the thing: You are not equal. Some people are stronger than others. You have badass magic. Some races fear you because of that. There is no clear organization, because equality means Solomon does not want to stand above others and rule them.

Different races eventually start fighting each other because they want to be superior.

Still, you manage to fix things. Solomon assumes power. Things calm down. It’s time for the final showdown.

Aaannd David locks you up in his fortress while he goes and attacks your friends and family. They are all dead and you couldn’t save them.

Meanwhile, all other races are happy. They who contributed the least compared to you are happy and you lost the people you cared about.

They are happy while you are miserable.

Suddenly, you kind of want to punch the horse guy in the face.


Then, Solomon wakes up and he desperately wants to get a win out of the whole thing. There has to be a reason why all this happened.

This desire causes him to fall right into David’s hands as he does exactly what David wanted. He meets God and in doing so reveals the nature of Destiny to all humans.

It was all meaningless. Everything was fated to happen this way.

Faced with all these revelations, Solomon reacts. He doesn’t think. He just acts in the way he thinks is better.

Things get worse.

See, Solomon kills God and spreads his Rukh equally among everyone.

Solomon’s idea of equality was always dangerous. You just wanted to free people from David. He? The reason why he hesitated to take power for so long is because he hates the idea of standing above other people. He detests it.

Solomon desires a perfectly equal society to flee from everything that makes him stand out.

Tough luck. People aren’t equal and forceful equality is just bound to make one group of people angry.

Like you.

You no longer have super magic powers. You just have regular magic powers which are considerably weaker. You are back to the bottom of the food chain. You lost your friend. You lost your power.

Meanwhile, Solomon has replaced God. So really, all that destiny crap is still there from your point of view regardless of what Solomon’s intentions might have been.

Forced free will is forced.

And it doesn’t end there. The only people who got to keep their super powers are Solomon’s three friends. 

How’s that for fair?

Worse, Sheba become a tyrannical ruler who doesn’t want anyone to say anything remotely bad about Solomon and Ugo is useless.

There is only Arba. 

She’s literally the only Magi that’s actually in your favor, because screw Solomon!

So really, is it any wonder you sided with her to bring down Solomon?

Plus, she's really hot

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