Saturday, September 6, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 10

Be Honest, you're only saying that because she's wearing a towel and nothing but.
Despite the way last episode ended, this episode is more of a breather before the action begins.

Yes, that means the princess is alive.

There are two main plots this time. First we have Rayet.

Girl is really messed up.

She is a Martian, but she got betrayed by Martians and now wants to kill Martians. Like Lelouch only less fabulous and without a little sister.

The Princess is a Martian.

The princess is, in a way, the reason this whole thing began. If no one wanted to kill the Princess, her family wouldn’t have died. If the Princess didn’t visit Earth, the whole war wouldn’t have started.

Yet, the Princess has no problems being accepted and forgiven in spite of being who she is, while Rayet has to hide who she is at every turn.

Rayet is angry at several levels and at the very edge of sanity.  

That said, I still feel the last episode failed to properly convey her breakdown.

Sexy Tharsis is Sexy

In space, Saazbaum and Slaine continue their little talk.

Earth contains the resources Mars needs. In fact, Mars sucks in terms of resources. The previous Emperor, despite knowing that, pushed for rapid industrialization. The resentment caused by those actions was easily turned towards Earth.

Let me tell you something good! Since the beginning of time blaming everyone outside your borders for everything remains one of the best country-building strategies.

Saazbaum and his wife-to-be were part of the initial strike force Marito fought. They got completely screwed up by the moon blowing up and falling on them.

Huh, we still don’t know what’s up with that. It better be something good.

Anyway, Saazbaum is not really wrong here. His methods are supremely questionable, but he is right in that Mars does need resources. Invading and taking territory from Earth is one way of doing that.

Plus he gets to take revenge while doing so.

Now, Slaine is naturally confused as to how to act. He wants to protect the princess. That much is obvious. At the same time Saazbaum has shown him the cruelty of the Aldnoah-controlled system. 

The Princess is not a bad person.

Far from it.

At the same time, she can’t help being born with the ability to control the Saazbaum.

What choice will he make in the future?

Wouldn't you burn Earth for her?

Episode Counter

Sexy Tharsis: 1
Girls in Towels: 2
CPR: 1
Slaine Suffering: 0. The longer the calm. The Fiercer the Storm. 

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