Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Digimon Season Announced

In retrospect, I should have made a post about this sooner.

Yes, your eyes do not lie to you. That awesome trailer is 100% real.

The announcement first appeared in AnimeNewsNetwork a little over a month ago.

Though the trailer does not have any new scenes, I like the level of cares placed on it. It hits all the right nostalgia notes in just the right way.

Interesting to note is that Taichi will be the main character, a 17 year old one at that. It is a surprising move. Usually a new season means a new protagonist. Even when the season is a direct sequel of the previous one.

Daisuke took over for Taichi. Tagiru took over for Taiki.

However, this move directly appeals to old fans of Digimon Adventure.

It makes me wonder what type of season this will be. Perhaps, Taichi will begin the road that will turn him into the Diplomat between the human and Digital world by the time of the epilogue?

That could be interesting.

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In other related news. Toei released some more info about the new season. Pictured above. It’s a really short prologue of sorts.

Getting it was not easy.

Toei put up an egg in the Digimon site ( and had us hatch it by clicking it repeatedly.

A few million clicks later we got that.

Anyway, the site hints we’ll get a new egg soon. Indeed, a theory says we’ll get one egg for each of the original 8 chosen, each of them containing a sort of “where are they now” prologue.

Keep an eye on that page to be ready for when the eggs comes out!

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