Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 11

I'm on a Highway to Hell!

The end approaches.

The final battle begins.

Different Mech?

The princess’ speech goes about as well as it could have, which is to say it doesn’t go well at all. Pity.
Saazbaum lands and…. Wait. Hold a second.

Castles dropping from space cause a huge amount of devastation as shown in the first episode. Why is the human base still fine after that?

Why is everything so fine after all?

Whatever, let’s move on.

The princess gets the best scene of the episode.

Her peaceful ways have failed and she’s understandably pissed off. She’s angry and she’s sad. She has held on to the hope that, if only she could communicate with others everything would stop.

The truth is another. She was just an excuse. The rank and file soldiers of Saazbaum’s castle have no problems saying they want to kill her. They are all in on it.

She never mattered.

It was nice to see that display of anger and desperation from a character that has been all sunshine and smiles until now.

The plan this time…. Okay, that’s a horrible plan!

Why didn’t anyone shoot the ship as it was leaving? Seriously, Inaho, that’s the best you could come up with? The Princess’ idea is good. She can literally shut down the enemy. The way Inaho decides to execute that idea is… lacking.

The drop should have killed them.

You robot is orange Inaho!

How could anyone miss it?

Point to Saazbaum for shooting down the ship, and points to the Captain for managing to salvage the situation.

Next time: Slaine does Something!

And the Ironic Death Award Goes to!

Episode Counter

Angry Princess: 1
Ironic Deaths: 1
Princess in another Castle: 1
Ships/Robots Stolen: 2

Inaho Plans Failed: 1

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