Monday, September 22, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 12

You better do something really cool in Season 2
The final battle ends.

With a bang!

… yeah, bad joke. Really, there are so many bad jokes I want to make right now, it’s hard to hold them in.

In the face of so many deaths and loses, the Princess asks the Earthlings if they hate the Martians. It's not like they are lacking reasons. 

Inaho cheers her up with his own version of “this is war” speech.

What the hell Inaho?

Emotions, dude. Don’t try to logic your way through this.

War is not something that can simply be understood in an intellectual level. Yeah, war is cold and merciless. War is also passionate and hateful. 

Do you really think someone with such a half-baked understanding has any right to say what it takes to end a war?

Luckily, Saazbaum is here to set him straight.

Saazbaum will hate with full honesty.

There is something really refreshing about that.

Mind, I like the Princess ideals. Indeed, if everyone managed to put aside their differences, peace would be achieved. If she could bring about this vision, it would truly end war in a way more final than weapon could.

Of course, that isn’t happening anytime soon.

The head, my boy. The head.

Saazbaum is a product of the system.

Deep down, he’s actually a decent guy. He wants good for his people. He is rising up against a class system that’s just not working for anyone except the ones at the top.

However, he also really hates Earthlings. He hates Earth because he was raised hating Earth for them having everything he didn’t.

At the same time, he hates Vers because they threw him away and got his wife-to-be killed.

In some ways, this guy is broken. 

Speaking of broken, this guy’s giant robot is badass. 

Seriously, it has all the powers of the former robots.


Which makes how badly it jobbed all the more noticeable.

Seriously, was it made of paper mache or something? How on Earth did Inaho not get killed immediately?

Anyway, back the pilot. The Count is actually a good man deep inside all that hate.

Which is why Slaine saves him.

Slaine can see traces of that goodness in Saazbaum. Slaine can see the guy has a point in how unfair the Aldnoah society is.

Slaine sympathizes with his overall goals. Were it not for the kill the Princess part, he would be fighting right alongside him, because Saazbaum, in his own way, also wants to end the mindless hatred that’s built-in the Martian society.

That ends up costing him when Saazbaum kills the Princess.

This leads us to the end.

Why did Slaine shoot Inaho?

Why did Inaho point his gun at him?

As far as Slaine knows, Inaho is the guy who all but admitted to using the Princess last time they talked. Of course, he doesn’t want him anywhere near her corpse.

As far as Inaho knows, Slaine is part of the Martian conspiracy that sought to kill the princess. Of course, he is going to pull out his gun.

It was only natural.

People cannot understand each other so easily. 

Episode Counter

Slaine Suffering: Maximum
Tharsis: Sexy
MC Deaths: 3?
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: 1
Fights Jobbed: 1

Now the wait for the next season, Begins. 


  1. 3 MC deaths doesn't seem plausible coming from this series imho. Saazbaum was shown only wounded, hence I wouldn't consider him even risking death. Asseylum is probably dead. Inaho? I say there's a catch and he's stll alive. In this show I'd hesitate to call dead anyone who wasn't explicitly shown having his body mangled into tiny fleshy bits on screen.

    1. That would be the why of the interrogation mark :)

      Saazbaum and Princess have good chances of being alive.

      Inaho not so much. I would have put the screen cap of the bullet going through him, but this is a family friendly blog.

      Mind, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility but less likely all the same.