Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Understanding Uchiha Sasuke

The events of chapter 692 shocked some and others not at all.

In any case, let’s take a look at what's going in Sasuke's, shall we?

Let's be honest. Some of the hints were not subtle.
Sasuke is not a complicated guy. If anything, he's extremely straightforward. 

Let’s look at his actions now. He wants a revolution. To that end, he seeks to kill the Kage and the Beasts.


Well, his talk with Hashirama is a pretty big clue. Hashirama had good intentions when he created the village system, but the end result was not what he envisioned. Wars and death did not end. Many suffered.

Like the Uchiha clan.

Like Itachi.

Doesn't help that Hashirama's successor, Tobirama, was an Uchiha hating ass.

Hashirama is not exactly squeaky clean. Here’s the thing, he killed Madara. 

In the end he went, “You’re a threat to the village and I will protect the village no matter what.”

That’s the exact moment were “For the Clan” is replaced by “For the Village”.

Problem is the “For the Clan” system sucked.

The fate of the Uchiha is a result from the left over grudges from Hashirama’s era which he failed to solve, Tobirama made worse, and Sarutobi neglected.

The Village system has made things better in a sense, but that doesn’t mean things are good.

In fact, the village system sucks.

If the village system sucks, it needs to be destroyed.

The Kage are representatives of the system so they need to disappear.

The Tailed Beast are symbols of the village system. They also must disappear.

That’s how Sasuke is looking at things.

It’s really simple logic.

Because Sasuke is a really simple guy.

See, Sasuke is not right. He’s not wrong about some things, but his answer does not provide a valid alternative.

He’s ignoring the complexities of the problem.

That’s a very Sasuke thing to do.

As people grow older, they mature. They learn through experience and the forge their own views and ideals. 

That’s how people grow up.

Sasuke didn’t get that.

Sasuke is, in many ways, the same kid Itachi left that night after killing his entire family.

That event completely dominated his life.

Pure may be too kind a word, but it works.

Sasuke never got the chance to find out what type of person he wants to be, because he never got to be his own person.

His life has always been dominated by others. Itachi, Orochimaru, Obito. All these people have manipulated Sasuke for their ends at some point.

Sasuke never got to be himself, because he was busy being what they wanted him to be. There’s importance in Sasuke asking the past Hokage what to do.

It’s the first time he has actually tried to sit down and think for himself.

This is his answer.

It’s not the best answer. It’s not even a good one. He still cannot appreciate how complex the situation really is. Unlike Naruto, he lacks the mental maturity to do so.

Ultimately, his answer is very ninja-like. Get rid of the other. 

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  1. Another pretty good one. It's nice to see someone sit down and analyze Sasuke rather than berate him.