Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Log Horizon S.2 E 3-4

And we're back

Well, this took a while.

Raids are a pain in the ass.

One of the things about Log Horizon is that the game becoming real doesn’t make it lose its video game logic. HP and MP are things. At the same time, reality adds its fair share of variables.

Like time.

Raids take lots of time.

Like months.

Months of pseudo-save-scumming.

Really if I was one of those boss monsters I wouldn’t let them retreat.

Now, while all the logistics stuff is going on, there is more personal stuff going on. For example, we have Demika and his grudge against Shiroe.

Funnily enough, it’s only against Shiroe.

The others at least fought using their own strength so Demikas can accept his loss against them.

Meanwhile, Shiroe was just the guy who planned things out but never actually faced him.

Plus, he can’t even get his name right!

Meanwhile, William Massachusetts has his own issues to deal with.

Really, people think way too much.

You can fight dragons and stuff!  There is nothing wrong with sticking with what you know best!

Then there’s Akatsuki who is feeling down.

She can’t fight anyone. Shiroe didn’t take her dungeon hunting with him and she’s doubting her own worth now.

Basically, Shiroe is a horrible ninja master.

He doesn’t give someone to kill. He doesn’t tell her to spy on people. He doesn’t tell her to fight.

Really Shiroe, bodyguard duty can’t keep a ninja happy for long.

In any case, I fear for Akatsuki. She may end up doing something rash before it is all said and done.

Now, while all the character stuff is going on Evil approaches.

Evil is also really powerful and can kill people in Safe Zones.


I call Hax!

Kick his ass, Soujiro!

Also, just because, have some Santa Princess:

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