Friday, October 10, 2014

Log Horizon S.2 Ep. 1

After some months, Log Horizon is back with an all new season.

So let’s take a look at it.

Suddenly, way more handsome

Last time we saw everyone things were going well. They had settled into the new world and had a nice city going.

Of course, last season also ended with the reveal of a new enemy, but that’s not the problem our heroes face right now.

Upkeep costs are a bitch.

Yeah, to have all their fancy buildings (Guild Hall, Cathedral, etc.) running, they need to pay a lot of cash.

A llloooottt of Cash.

That’s right the new enemy is Bankers.

What an incredibly realistic show…. Well, not so much. These bankers don’t want to bleed you dry by lending you money you can’t pay back at high interest rates.

In any case Shiroe seems to have a plan. Let’s hope it all works out there.

Moving on from that, we have Love Triangle Stuff.           
Yeah, Akatsuki is not exactly feeling good about herself right now. Last season, Minori was the one who shined at the end, because she understood Shiroe and was able to help in her own way.

We see a bit of that this episode. Akatsuki has a plush toy. Minori has the tea Shiroe needs ready.

Akatsuki is awesome when you need a kickass ninja assassin, but she’s not that good at all the thinking stuff (which is not to say she’s dumb because she’s far from it). Her talents lie elsewhere.

With no obvious foe to beat up, she can’t show her usefulness to Shiroe.

Well, the guy did leave her a job so let’s hope she gets a chance to shine.

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