Monday, October 13, 2014

Log Horizon S2 Ep 2

Going to say, this was a much better episode.

Shiroe needs allies. Those allies can’t come from his city since everyone is watching him; so he goes looking for the guild that left Akiba when the Round Table was being formed.

Which we already knew because the first minutes spoiled that bit, but whatever. 

The real surprise is Demikas.

Guy is married now.

I did not see that one coming. Seems, he has mellowed out quite a bit since falling in love and eating his wife’s home-cooked meals every day.

… how to say it? I’m strangely jealous.

Besides Demikas we get a few new characters added to the party.

I did not talk about it last time but Regan has joined the group and he has some pretty funny interaction with Naotsugu. 

Then there’s Tetra. She’s certainly cheerful. That’s for sure. And has taken a liking to Naotsugu.

Can’t blame her. He’s a Bro-Tier Tank.

He’s taken though.

His telepathic talk with Marielle was adorable.

There is one last bit that’s brought up this episode.


Adventurers revive after dying. That’s a thing. It’s a thing that could remove some tension from the anime.

Thankfully, it’s not cost-less. We know Adventurers can lose some of their memories.

Here another aspect of this is introduced.

Dying sucks. 

It really sucks. Enough that a couple of members of a damn good combat guild have retired, because they don't want to die. 

Should be interesting to see where that leads.  

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