Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 3

In which Favaro remains a dick and Kaisar continues to suffer

Today, we visit Halloween Town!

We get more explanation into the Key Business.

Apparently, it’s a pretty big deal. As in, just by not having it we start getting quakes in Heaven since Bahamut might just be revived.

The balance between good and evil is all scrambled and you can’t really blame the knight for trying to get the key back.                      
The downside is that the key is now fused with Amira.

So getting it out is probably not going to involve anything nice.

Of course, the real start this time was Kaisar.

We get to see more of his past and just how his family lost his position. Suffice to say, medieval people are dicks.

It was a pretty sad story. Listening to him reflect on how he would have liked to get along better with his family really gets to you.

Then he had to eat maggots!

Man, the guy has bad luck.

On the plus side, he now has an undead loli! So really, it all evens out.  

Now, while all this is going on are content to watch for now.

I got to say, Cerberus is hot.

Really hot.

Really, really hot.

Oh, and there’s some other guy watching things too, but mostly her. 

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