Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 2

A face you can trust
Man, this show is awesome.

Today, we learn the depths of Favaro’s douche-ness.

Last episode, Favaro found himself on the wrong end of a Faustian bargain. This royally sucks for him because no one likes a demon.

There is only one way out of this.

Kill the Girl!

Got to hand it to him, he was actually going to do it. He really tried to kill the cute demon girl. Like, he didn’t just plan to kill her. Had Kaisar not intervened he would have tried. 

I say tried because demon girl is really strong. So drunk or not, I don’t like his chances against her.

Then he went and send the Knights after girl!

Oh Favaro, even your horse is more heroic than you.

Moving away from Favaro, let’s talk about the other main guy.

We get some insight into Kaisar as well as his past this time.

It’s not a nice past it seems. This goes a bit beyond 'My family lost its wealth'. 

If Favaro really is responsible for it, well, that paints him in a considerably darker light.

That said, it seems like Kaisar’s feelings for Favaro are not quite so simple as hate.

His feelings for Amira on the other hand are easier to discern. Can’t blame him. Guy's got taste.

Amira is a badass demon girl who has stolen a really important key and is now being chased by an army of demon fighting knights.

She’s also adorable.

Seriously, the scene where she has her first taste of alcohol was great.

And the dance! That was great too!

In spite of her power, she seems realty innocent. Not at all demon-like.

I wonder if she even knows what the key she is holding really is.

In any case, I am really looking forward to how these three develop. 

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