Saturday, November 1, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 4

Lame Catchphrase. Hot Girl.
Well damn.

That was one hell of an episode.

She will eat your soul

Okay so, Favaro continues to try to find the place Amira wants to go to without letting it show he has no idea how to get there.

Making the demon girl angry at you is never a good idea. Of course, this may be a case where Favaro’s nature is working against him since Amira looks pretty nice.

Anyway, he got a tip last episode and is en route towards the place.

The ship’s even under the command of his dad’s old friend.

What could possibly go wrong?

This episode shows us the root of the problem between Favaro and Kaisar.

They were friends. Only Favaro’s dad was one of those ‘take from the rich. Give to the poor’ guys.

Favaro apparently told his dad about the info of the tribute Kaisar gave him. Cue, tribute getting stolen and Kaisar’s dad losing his reputation and life in the aftermath.

We also find out, Favaro’s dad was also killed during this because the tribute was protected by magic.

The kicker is, the whole thing was planned from the start.

The friend of Favaro’s dad knew about the whole thing and contributed to letting it happen.

In exchange he got turned into a demon.

Seems like there were some higher powers at work there. I wonder why? What sort of guy needed to get these two killed?

Also, Zombie Pirates vs Demon Fishmen Pirates.

With Flying Ships!

And that tightrope fight!

It’s awesome.

Also, more Cerberus. Because!

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