Monday, November 3, 2014

Log Horizon S2 Ep. 5

A murderer is on the loose!

So what?

That's the question many Adventurers face. 

They can revive. At best they're losing some XP and money. It’s a weird situation for the Adventurers. How should they feel about someone killing them? How worried should they be about a killer when they are immortal?

Nyanta addressed this with Touya. Just how much value do you place on your life? You’ll revive. Okay. That doesn’t mean you get to be reckless with it… or does it?

Save-scumming is a time-honored tradition after all.

As for the murderer, well, that’s a bit more complicated. He’s a member of the Banker clan.

A member of the Banker clan that stole the infinity plus one immortal object armors that are there to prevent players from getting violent in town.

So basically, he’s kind of invincible.

His true identity makes this a potential political clusterfuck since there’s no way the Adventures are going to react well to the identity of their killer.

This is the stuff that starts wars.

But enough about that, we have fighting! Harem Master Soujiro finally gets to show his stuff and he is badass.

Seriously, holding his own against a guy Adventurers shouldn’t have a prayer against? Awesome.

Plus, Akatsuki.

See, this is why you shouldn’t doubt your worth!

You’re a badass loli ninja. You kick ass. Embrace it.

Sure, they lost, but they were badass!

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