Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Log Horizon S.2 Ep. 7

Operation Catch the Killer Begins

I want that weapon!
Not going to lie. Still not really into this whole thing.

Anyway, there more interesting bits first. Flavor text is real. Crusty is gone because Flavor Text.

Take note people, if your weapon with really disturbing flavor text starts glowing it may be time to put it away.

Anyway, that’s not the issue.

Remember the weapon Akatsuki was visiting every other day? Yeah, the assassin has that, and it has some pretty dark flavor text too.

The killer is no longer the killer. He’s the Raid Boss Possessed Killer.

Akatsuki goes through a training montage to prepare herself and learn the Teachings which should really not be called Teachings since apparently no one is capable of teaching them.


Oh and there is character stuff and all, but not quite a fan of it after so long. A hero doesn’t have the right to vacillate for so long. Especially if it’s just not as interesting.

Oh and the plan to take down the killer kind of involves shutting down the Magic Circle.

Yeah, that’s not really a good idea.

I mean there’s stuff in the city that’s powered up by it.

Actually, is the Cathedral powered by bit? ‘cause really, that’s the only thing that matters. As long as you can build your own Cathedral you don’t need anything else.

Adventurers can build city walls and stuff. Best of all, you get rid of the threat of city guards which are just a pain. 

Anyway. not really feeling this ep.

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