Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 5

We have Your Duck

So much good stuff in this episode.

Kaisar and Amira have been kidnapped! It’s up to Favaro and Rita to get them back. 

I got to say I liked their interaction. They have a different dynamic since Rita doesn’t bother putting up with Favaro’s bullshit.

I was also surprised by Favaro going so far to rescue them.

He really does care. He even sacrificed his bounty hunter bracelet. Which makes me wonder how he’s going to get money in the future.

Meanwhile Kaisar is quite happy to blame everything on Favaro, something Azazel is all too happy to exploit as he tells him to fight Favaro if he wants to save Amira.

Kaisar complies all too eagerly.

In this fight we find something important. When there are no tricks involved, Kaisar kicks Favaro’s ass.


Zombie Rocket Punch!

It’s a good thing Rita is there. Really the group needs someone to be the voice of reason. Favaro and Kaisar hold a temporary truce and team up.

Got to say it, they are badass together.

Of course, they are not enough to actually beat these guys.

Seriously, they have an evil fortress and everything.

Enter the Orleans Knights who finally do something useful.

All in all a really nice episode.

Plus, the group is finally together!

Azazel definitely has something to do with the deaths of Favaro’s and Kaisar’s dads so it will be interesting how that develops as well as how Favaro will deal with Kaisar next ep. 

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