Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 6

Priorities. Favaro has them
Last time, our heroes were riding off into the sunset.

This time, we find the sunset is filled with wyverns.

Wasn’t expecting our heroes to be captured. I was positive they had gotten away. Feel nice to be wrong. The knights are no slouches.

Our Protagonists are brought before the King. Luckily, no bloodshed happens.

This kind of doesn’t sit well with Azazel who has to deal with the brunt of the failure since he had all of them captured and let them slip through his finger.

Cue him leading his giant demon army against the city. Yeah, that’s going to be tough.

 Favaro and Kaisar. Two guys who could have been great. Perhaps?

It seems Favaro risking his life to save Kaisar and Amira has actually made Kaisar start to think Favaro is not the source of all evil.

At least, he’s not trying to kill him anymore. He’s just trying to get a straight answer out of the guy… which just might end up being a lot harder come to think of it.

All that said, I loved the hell out of the fork vs knife fight. The thing was hilarious and awesome. Especially with the Zombie Rocket Punch at the end.

This episode also featured Jeanne which is good since I like Jeanne.

This episode we find she’s really, really strong.

Really, really, really strong.

Seriously, she took out those zombie giants like nothing.

Also her talk with Favaro was interesting. She was a simple farm girl that discovered she could be something bigger. Kind of makes you think what Favaro and Kaisar could have been had Azazel not interfered with their friendship. 

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