Friday, November 28, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 7

After a recap episode which we’ll skip for obvious reasons, we’ll return to the action.

Azazel attacks the city.

And apparently Jeanne is the only one worth a damn.


Got to say, I liked how much troubles the Winged Masked Lion (?) demon gave her. Favaro and Kaisar may have outsmarted him, but this time he gets to show what he’s really made of.

Credit to him, guy is tough. Sure, Jeanne beat him up, but considering how much it took from her that’s damn impressive.

More importantly, Azazel really did kill Favaro’s and Kaisar’s dads. For the lulz.

And they are determined to not give one damn about it.

It was a pretty nice twist compared to the usual declarations of revenge.

That said, Favaro when will you stop trying to be enemies with Kaisar? Seriously, dude. No one is buying the act anymore. Not even him.

As an aside, Azazel is tough. Really tough. It looks like Jeanne is going to be necessary if they want to do anything against the demons after them.

See? True Friends!

While all this has been going on Amira has found her father.

At the beginning we are lead to believe it’s the Knight Guy.

Turns out, her father is probably the big ass dragon everyone is going crazy about.

Yeah, I don’t want to imagine how that one happened. 

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