Thursday, November 27, 2014

Log Horizon S2 Ep.8

At last, it ends.

The battle against the murderer begins!

I kind of want to poke holes at that strategy though. Okay yes, having a low number of team members is a good thing and taking it in pairs is also nice.

Counting on the guy always chasing Akatsuki though?

Not so nice.

It really only worked because the guy was going crazy. If he was being competent, he’d have 
probably taken his time taking out each pair.

Or at least realized it was obvious that they were leading him somewhere.


The Teachings!


No one could tell you it was about using your skills in different ways? Really?

Like, shouldn’t this be a thing that’d travel really fast through the rumor mill?

Why even call them teachings if you’re not going to bother Teaching them?


Also, I’m not sure how I feel about Akatsuki’s “the power inside you” speech. Are you really in a position to say that wearing all the nice equipment all the other people have given you?

There is nothing inherently wrong with Granted Power.

Swinging an Overpowered Sword is a Good Too!

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