Monday, February 3, 2014

Log Horizon 18

Bully her! You know you want to!

Onward to Akiba!

So we get some nice culture shock. This is the first time we appreciate the reaction of one of the People of the Land to the city the adventurers have set up.

I particularly liked the part when she realized the Adventurers’s were not uneducated. We take stuff like reading a map for granted, but that sure as hell wasn’t the case in the past.

Reading a map is actually pretty tough. We just happen to grow up with them. Education and all.

Which low born people didn’t get. Nobles and rich people get educated. Commoners don’t. Division of classes. The city of Akihabara is pretty far out from the princess’ comfort zone in more than one way.

As an aside, a princess dressed in Valkyrie armor is a dream come true.

The Speech

I really like her speech. It has that honest quality to it that’s really hard to find. Lenessia is really something in her own way.

Plus, who could say no to such a cute girl asking for help.

Monsters. Battle. A beautiful girl. Being a hero.

If they had said no to all of that, they ‘d have to turn in their Adventurer card.

Also, that moment when they were all banging their weapons against the ground was badass.

To War!

The other stuff

Nobles and their silly politics.

So yeah, now they’re thinking there are under the table deals going on, what with the Adventurer’s backing the princess and all.

You know, with them bickering so much against each other it is a wonder anything gets done. Seriously, how has this alliance survived so far? 

Did they just sit on their asses and let the Izumo knight take care of whatever big, bad wolf knocked on their doorstep?


  1. "Did they just sit on their asses and let the Izumo knight take care of whatever big, bad wolf knocked on their doorstep?"

    That sounds exactly like what they did, which in of itself would explain why they reacted so strongly to their disappearance.

    1. Sadly, that's probably it, which explains why they are incompetent. Well, that and the Adventurers being people now. That's like having your Terminators suddenly start a union.