Saturday, February 22, 2014

Log Horizon 21

I want to sit on the table too!


Kind of. Since the last episode one month has passed. There is not really a need to make a big deal out of the Goblin invasion because, well, it really wasn’t. The Adventurers are strong.

The king is still out there, but the Adventurers could kill him if they wanted. As it is, they are just taking their time killing all the Goblins.

This kind of thing helps build up the relationship between the People of the Land, henceforth called Landers because damn it’s annoying typing that, and the Adventurers.

Friendships forged through Goblin killing are best friendships!

I know what you did last month

Someone's not on Santa's Nice List
So Shiroe kind of overhears someone talking about a really familiar story. Like, a story no one should really know about because he wanted to keep his super contract a secret.

Really, Shiroe? You didn’t see that one coming?

Yep, someone knows. More than one actually. Regan also knows about it.

We also get some info about this mysterious new face. It’s not like Akiba is the only city of Adventurers. Akiba had fairly capable people; so it’s not unreasonable to assume there is talent elsewhere.

In this world, the greatest challenge the Adventurers can face might end up being their fellow Adventurers.

Other Stuff!

Akatsuki is feeling rather useless. Can’t blame her. She really didn’t do much during all this commotion. In terms of combat at least. Shiroe sees it differently. Akatsuki is a valued companion. He can share many of his worries and secrets with her. Plus, she can gather the info he needs.

Of course, this is probably not what Akatsuki wants to do to feel productive. Girl’s a ninja. Ninja are meant to kick ass!

And dance.

Also, the interaction between Leynessia and Krusty is as fun as ever. I wonder if she will ever get to have that comfy, lazy lifestyle she wishes for.

Probably not but we'll see how it goes

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