Monday, February 24, 2014

Nobunaga The Fool 7

Unsurprisingly Alive

With the Candlestick

So last episode we got two murders for the price of one.

Well, one. Himiko managed to survive. It would have been surprising if they had actually killed here, but surprising is not necessarily good.

Anyway, this is a good thing for Mistu in a completely horrible way. Two attacks makes it look like something planned by the enemy… as opposed to two sides backing their preferred heir.

Good thing for Nobu too. Nothing unites people quite like pointing fingers at other people, and they aren’t exactly lacking in targets.


Our Heroes
So Nobu and Jeanne aren’t feeling all that well. 

Jeanne feels useless.

Being fair to her, there is only so much she can do. Awesome past life or not, she was just a regular girl (for a given definition of regular) with no combat experience until a short while ago. Besides, it’s not like she’s exactly wrong when she calls out Nobu on things.

By the end of the episode she seems to have decided to follow Nobu. We’ll have to see how it goes for her.

Nobu naturally feels guilty due to the whole dead brother thing. In a roundabout way, this kind of is his fault. Sure, his advisors are dumb as hell, but this guy doesn’t go out of his way to sell himself as trustworthy.

To Nobu’s credit he does manage to step up this episode. He takes control of the situation and come up with a straightforward plan of action.

The Fight

Stealing the Stage!
Okay so maybe walking up right to Takeda and asking if he killed his little brother may not sound like the most productive plan but it does work. Credit to Nobunaga there.

Of course, these two fight anyway. They are the same type of person apparently.

The fight was okay. The music?



It is all going great, until Caesar decides to cheat and kills Shingen from behind.

He even manages to pin the blame on Nobu.

He’s surprisingly competent if cheap. Nobu’s going to have his hands full. Hopefully, there is a way to spin this into good news for the advisers.

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