Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 6

The Petals make it Dramatic


So Nobu fucked up.

Seriously, couldn’t you put on the team T-shirt just once? Come on! You’re totally the heir. You had things going for you. Military achievements! A giant robot! The backing of the other heir! Reliable people!

Now, the advisers are obviously morons, but it’s not like Nobu made things better. Who goes into their father’s funeral like that? Mitsuhide’s efforts last episode ended up being for naught.

If someone were to think “This guy can’t be allowed to lead all of us or else he will only lead us to our deaths” after seeing that, can he really be blamed?


So... who are they?
Jeanne decides to leave Nobu. I was a bit surprised by this. I thought she would cut him some slack given that his dad just died.

That said, I was annoyed by the other people going “You just don’t get how awesome he is!”


Nobu has too many yes men. He’s gifted. No doubt there, but the people he actually cares about let him get away with way too much. In that sense, Jeanne’s presence is something he really needs if only because someone needs to call him out on some of the stuff he does.

Of course, I’m probably going to be disappointed in this sense.


See? Dramatic
I like this guy. He’s loyal and he will do what he thinks is best for Nobu without a fault. Problem is, he’s too loyal and ends up taking the worst part for himself.

This ep, he kills Nobu’s brother.

Give Nobu’s low popularity and recent stunt, Nobukatsu is the obvious choice for the advisers. Mitsu is also aware of this; so he decides to eliminate the competition.

Even if Nobu will probably hate him for it.

Even if he probably likes Nobukatsu as well.

Man, the guy is so screwed up. 

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