Saturday, February 15, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 17

Where is your Democracy now?

All Together Now

The old team is back! Goto! Flamenco Girls! Science guy whose name I never bothered to recall!

Man, it was nice seeing the old gang back, though I don’t want the Flamengers to fade away. They grew on me. Hopefully, they’ll all team together in the finale.

Anyway, Goto and Hazama take on the Prime Minister armed with environmental friendly equipment!

Because fighting evil is no excuse to pollute.

Also, it was about time Goto got in the whole Superhero thing. Samurai Policeman!

… okay so as far as disguises go, it’s even less useful than Superman’s when it comes to hiding his identity but it’s the spirit that counts.

A Super Prime Minister

Okay, this was hilarious.

God, that armor is silly. He even has a transformation sequence! A true villain backed by his approval rating, a Politian could do no less!

Stuff like this is why some people hate Samurai Flamenco. Stuff like this is why I love it. It’s not a genre or tone shift. No, the mood is the same all along.

It’s a Justice Mood!

Samurai Flamenco celebrates it all without a hint of shame. It’s like going to a costume part wearing a mishmash of your favorite superhero outfits. Some people may laugh! Some people may say you should have chosen on and be done with it!

But screw them, ‘case damn it looks good!

Nice Justice?

The Prime Minister… eh, he wasn’t all that bad. Still a jerk though. A hero must earn cheers! 

More importantly, Justice was Bad Justice.

Did we ever meet the real Justice in the first place? I like to think we did and that he was switched after.

Aliens have slowly taken over the world.

Flamenco Aliens!

Hazama must step up to stop them and discover the secret of Flamenco!

It's Space Sheriff Gavan Time!

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