Friday, February 7, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 16

Social Experiment #1


So things have gotten really bad. The Flamengers are all jailed up. Same for the other heroes. Red Axe couldn’t be more tied up if they tried.

All the people Hazama was known to interact with are on watch. His manager has been interrogated by the police. Inventor guy got his inventions confiscated, and Hazama is a wanted person.

Man, it totally sucks. Worst the Prime Minister gets all the good press.

Come on, Japan! Think a little. A country that believes in everything the government says is doomed to failure!

The Ugly Side

Okay, this was badass and kind of hot
After a long time, we finally deal with Mari. Girl needed this moment. It was ugly yeah, but that’s human nature for you. King Torture did a number on her and Moe being everything she couldn’t be in that moment didn’t exactly help.

So yeah, she’s angry at Moe because she reminds her of how big a failure she was. She’s angry at a lot of things, mainly at herself.

She’s not angry at Goto because uniform, but everything else fits under acceptable targets.

Did not expect to see things come to violence but it was needed I guess. Even the puking part. Girl needs to fall before she can get back up.

Now let's see how she picks herself up after the make out session.

The Justice


Hazama is at his lowest. He’s lost. He’s hungry. He’s afraid to contact anyone. He’s afraid to take action.

Guy is so desperate he almost steals bread. Now that sounds silly but think about it for a second. Think who this guy is.

This is the guy that went out to stop jaywalkers.

This is the guy who raced a train on a bicycle to catch an umbrella thief!

Oh yeah, Hazama stealing anything at all is a big deal. It shows how desperate he is.

I got to say, my heart grew three sizes during his talk with the old man. That’s right Hazama. You were not wrong. Even if you were fooled you were not wrong. The people you saved. The lives you changed. Those are the proof you did good.

Now, go to your friend!

It’s Morphing Time! 

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