Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Log Horizon 19

The Good Guy!

Well, I’m going to drop the usual format for this one. There’s really only one thing I want to talk about right now.


But first some other stuff. The battle between the Adventurers and the Goblins rages on. Crusty looked really badass here. Granted, those are only Goblins he’s fighting, but still he has the berserker thing down.

What really called my attention in these battles was the junior team’s improvement. Those guys have really grown in a short time. The way Minori controlled the battle was awesome.

I have always said I am a fan of how Log Horizon mixes the real world battle elements with the game play elements. The way Minori goes and monitors all her team to coordinate the strategy is a good show of that.

Sure, they are silly game mechanics. There’s HP, MP, and cool down periods for spells, but Minori is being really strategic about the whole thing and that really comes through.

All that said, let’s get to the main event. Goblins attack the town and Team Minori goes to counter them leaving the fish goblins (whatever their name is) to the rest.

As a sidenote, the Adventurers being able to hold their own in a 60 vs thousands battle says a lot about their power.

A Free Man, an Adventurer
I’ll credit the anime for being able to keep tension in the battles despite the character’s ability to re-spawn. If they fail, the town is in trouble, and that brings a level of importance to the battle because it really matters to them. 

You can really feel they are trying their best against an enemy that’s slowly wearing them down.

And Rudy was awesome. Seriously, that was awesome. Jump on wolf the size of an elephant, shove your fist on his mouth and fire up a spell while you hand is inside!


The reveal was something that had been hinted at before; so it wasn’t exactly a surprise (It’s even in the Opening!). Regardless, the moment was well-handled.

Live on Rudy! Live on!

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