Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 5

Face Time!

Too Dumb to Live

So, the advisers are really, really dumb. Seriously. Now, Nobunaga’s dad I can kind of get. The guy doesn’t want to enter a war he has little chance at winning. The defensive game make sense in that context. Plus, it’s not like Nobu has a plan.

On the other hand, Nobu has a point. Takeda is not going to wait for them to get their act together.

The advisors though? Talking about it is one thing. Actually planning on doing it though?

There are no words. Just how stupid are you to try kill the guy that can at least pilot the giant robot and did win you guys at least one battle?

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

A Face you can trust
So Nobu gets poisoned.

By Mitsuhide.

So everyone else looks like losers while Nobu gets to jump in and save the day.

Got to say, I did not see that one coming. Nice plan by Mitsuhide. Underhanded, but given the situation it does seem like a good idea. 

I mean, let’s not kid ourselves, some people will die without Nobu out there, but he gets to look like a national (regional?) hero to the rest of the troops thus boosting his popularity and standing while the people who spoke out against him take a sharp blow in credibility.

It probably would have worked had it not been for Caesar.

The Battle

Sweet design

Okay so the moment Nobu’s dad went out into the battlefield the death flags starting piling. Seriously.

Inner monologue. Poem. Leaving. Something to his son. Showing he does kind of, maybe care about him. Challenging the enemy boss
I mean damn! How suicidal is this guy?

Now, once Nobu showed up I almost thought his father was going to survive.

Then Caesar showed in. In one really cool robot.

Credit to Jeanne for helping Nobu against Takeda, but it wasn’t enough avoid the loss. Caesar establishes himself as a threat and makes an enemy out of Nobu.

And Mitsuhide feel terrible about it. Honestly, it’s not like Nobu going out earlier would have guaranteed better odds. If anything without Nobu’s dad out there, Shingen and Caesar could killed Nobu.

Of course, that’s not really how Mitsu is going to see it.

Betrayal Intensifies!

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