Saturday, February 1, 2014

What the Hell: Gundam Build Fighters - The Revenge

Alright, let's do this!

There’s a quality to being able to admit when you’re wrong. It’s admirable even.



A guy needs to admit he is wrong at least once. Even if he’s never wrong, it just looks back if you never do it.

So yeah…

Okay, so I may have, perhaps being a bit too harsh on this show. Not entirely. I stand by some of the things I said, but I’ll admit Gundam Build Fighters has some things going for it. Let’s start with the Good.

The Girls

Critical Hit!
A good woman soothes the soul.

Seriously though, the female characters of Gundam Build Fighters are pretty entertaining. Kirara/Mihoshi, Alia, and Rinko (Sei’s mom) all bring something to the table.

I’m not saying that just because they are cute/hot. I’m only saying it partly because of that.

Really, they are fun to watch. Kirara always brings a smile to my face when she’s on-screen (shame, she’s not in Mihoshi mode more often though), and Alia makes for a good antagonist. I thought she was going to be an emotionless person, but she really surprised me.

Sei’s mom… okay she’s hot.

China, sadly, is boring. Perhaps fittingly, she’s paired with Sei.

The Fights

You're in the wrong neighborhood pal
Okay, I really underestimated the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny aspect here.

The fights are epic.

Zaku Amazing vs Build Strike? With that Spanish guitar playing? That was awesome! Who the hell cares if they are 10 inch toys, that was an amazing mecha fight.

Then there’s Wing Gundam Fenice vs Star Build Strike. That was an epic brawl. The anime’s animation values are surprisingly good. Plus, seeing your favorite Suits fighting it out is priceless.

The Bad

Ugh, you again...

Back then, I said the main characters were the weak point.

I half stand by it. Iori is pretty worthless. Sure, he’s the brains (builder) of the duo, but his position is not quite irreplaceable and he does not have the character to make up for it.

He’s a boring main.

Reiji has been getting better. Mainly, due to his relationship with Alia. Seriously, the scenes between them are adorable.

That said, it’s sad that one of the main characters remains the weakest point of the show.

Man, what would have happened if we had Ramba Ral as the main character. 

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