Monday, February 17, 2014

Log Horizon 20

All Goblins were harmed in the production of this episode

The Battle

So yeah, the goblins really didn't have a chance. They never did. To the Adventurers it seems the only threat the goblins represented was in their numbers. Once they decided to end them, well, they ended them.

Phoenix Summon was nice though. Being a summoner in that game would be badass.

Also, we get to see Shirtless Crusty. Leinessia totally liked that; so did the Secretary girl. I mean, it obviously doesn’t show in her face, but you can tell she’s into the guy. She has that character-vibe written all over her.


He's back!
Okay, so I liked how Shiroe used what he learned from the talk with Mysterious Mage in order to help Ruddy.

The use of a zombie potion was a nice touch.

The real kicker is the contract. Seriously, that thing is badass. Hey, would you like to be immortal, super strong, and maybe un-aging (Shiroe supposedly has been around for more than a hundred years from the perspective of this world)? Just sign here!

That could change everything. Shiroe could rewrite the political landscape with that contract if he wanted to.

It is probably for the best if he keeps it a secret for now.

Other Stuff

There was some other stuff this episode. For one, Minori seems to be getting some nice spotlight as of late. It’s amazing this is the same girl who was in forced labor just some five (6? 7?)episodes ago. She’s really stepping up as Shiroe’s…. apprentice? Little sister? Love interest?

And poor Akatsuki is feeling left out.

I also liked the development of Ishizu and Ruddy. They have grown on me really quickly.

Finally, Ruddy has become a Pet.

It’s okay. Lots of people wish they could be pets

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