Thursday, March 20, 2014

Log Horizon 23

Ninja Working Subtly

Shiroe’s romantic troubles continue. Well, more like Shiroe continues to be clueless about his romantic troubles.

On one hand we have Minori. She’s young, but she’s determined to help Shiroe in any she can. Plus, she’s his apprentice now. Girl works fast.

I really liked she was willing to take the time in which she was supposed to have fun and instead used it to help Shiroe behind the scenes

Minori’s a good girl.

Then we have Akatsuki. 

As an aside, I’m kind of amazed I haven’t given into the temptation and made a Naruto joke already. I’m awesome. 

Anyway, Akatsuki is starting to act, not that has any idea how to do the whole flirting thing, but she gets an A for effort. The way she tried to get Shiroe to notice her ornament was cute.

Shiroe is as always clueless about this things. Guess, being a 90 lv. Enhancer doesn’t translate into social skills. Who knew?

But, those two are not the only who have an eye for Shiroe. I was surprised with Henrietta’s scene. I mean there have been hint here and there, but I didn’t think they’d go and confirm it so openly. Doesn’t seem like she’s going to act on those feelings for now, but it’s certainly interesting.

We also have Krusty and Lenessia stuff which is cute as always. I’d see an anime about these two.

Every guy should have a bear shirt
Amusing as all that is, that’s not the main draw of the episode. Here we have a case of culture clash. The Landers come from a really stratified society and that’s not meshing all that well with the Adventures who could care less about your fancy titles.

Naturally conflict arises.

Problem is, there is too much conflict.

Like, lots of it.

At a certain point it stops being a natural outcome and starts being something planned. Someone is manipulating things from behind the scenes, and making the relationship between Landers and Adventures really tense.

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