Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Log Horizon 24-25

Petty Conflicts. Big Conflicts.

Something is up in the Festival. The tension between the People of the Land and Adventurers escalates. Small, petty fights break out. Paper work is tedious, troublesome, and wrongly filled out. Couple argue about stuff.

Sure, none of that may sound all that urgent, but when there are five conflicts happening on every street, it starts to get out of hand.

Akiba’s reputation is at stake here. A festival where people fight is a festival where no one enjoy themselves.
It’s a different sort of attack from what we are used to, which is why fighting it proves to be so hard. All the Adventurers can do is deal with one problem at a time.

Shiroe in Trouble

Shiroe is the strategist. He’s the smart guy. If there’s an enemy he will figure out a way to win. He will plan. He will strategize. He will cheat and blackmail. He will see through his enemy’s strategy and ensure a win.

Problem is, there is no strategy this time. It is just random conflicts aimed at causing chaos.

Got to say, it was amusing to watch him lose his cool this time.

Luckily, there was a harem at hand.

Remember that people. When you are in trouble, you should always count on a harem.

Shiroe should take this as a warning sign he needs to gather a harem in the future.

For safety and all.

My Enemy is Quite Hot

Okay, so the noble guy was the most prominent bad guy throughout all of this, but let’s face it he was too obvious. He could have never been the brains of the operation.

He was a jerk though.

It was good to see Shiroe and Crusty put him in his place.

As an aside, nice use of Scribe skills by Shiroe there.

No, we meet our real antagonist after the whole thing is done and it is the woman who knew about Shiroe’s new spell a few episodes back.

She’s really hot.

And she wants Shiroe.

Shiroe turns her down.

You suck Shiroe. You could have totally spinned that you way. Oh well, Nureha seems like an interesting character and she can present a good opposition for Shiroe.


For a few episodes now, Akatsuki has been left with little to do.

She’s a fighter. These are not fighter situations. There are brain situations. Her level 90 ass kicking skills are no good except as an information gatherer for Shiroe.

On the other hand, Minori is quite useful in this type of situation and the girl is smart enough to notice what Shiroe is doing.

He’s the villain in glasses. The bad cop.

Minori tries hard because she understand what he is doing. Akatsuki didn’t. She did not notice until the end and that pains her. It is a switch from the scene in earlier episodes. It should be interesting to see how Akatsuki develops from now on.

Because we are getting a Second Season!!!

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