Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Log Horizon 22

Either way, a cop's going to stop you at least once

Well, this was a breather episode after all the stuff that has been going on. This is a festival episode… well, not even that. This is a romance episode.

You go Shiroe!

Our favorite strategist faces a different type of challenge this type around. As we know, Akatsuki has been after the guy for a long while. However, neither is the most sociable person around. 

With the festival around and an overall festive mood, Akatsuki decides to make a move on the clueless Shiroe.

Problem is, she has competition. Minori has been ever so slowly making her to Shiroe. She may be a middle-schooler but she’s certainly more proactive than Akatsuki.

Naturally, they both ask him out at the same time. Well, they invite him to an all-you-can eat cake buffet for couples, but it’s the same thing. Seriously, you'd have to be dumb not to get hint.

Or Shiroe.

Asked out by two girls at the same time. How enviable. How pitiable.

There’s also Henrietta to consider who may or may not feel something for Shiroe, but let’s focus on these two for now.

Shiroe, being clueless about women, accepts their invitation and takes them both out at the same type.

Naturally, this is not taken well by the guys.

It’s just showing off, you know? Like “Look at me and my girls. I can date both at the same time.”

You made lots of enemies that day Shiroe.

Oh, you deluded fool
The way the girls went about preparing for their dates was amusing, especially Akatsuki.

The end hints that this is not the last we’ll see of this. Akatsuki has an advantage but it’s not like Midori is out yet. It should be fun to see.

… well, Akatsuki will probably win, because Shiroe will end up in jail otherwise, but it should be fun to see all the same.

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