Saturday, March 1, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 18

Let's Talk

The challenge

So, this was a fun episode. Last time we faced the revelation of aliens invading us. Well, only one alien who is actually many ‘cause shared body and all that.

The aliens challenge Flamenco to a showdown… well, to a talk, but we all know that always ends up in a showdown. After receiving a pep talk from Goto, Hazama goes to face his destiny and discover the mystery of Flamenco.

Sure it’s a completely dangerous potentially lethal decision, but a hero can do nothing less.

The aliens

So... this is nice, isn't it?

The aliens have evolved to the point they are beyond war and all that fun stuff. They want to do the same for us, evolve us.

Hazama reject that in the most epic fashion.

That’s right Masayoshi! The line between stupidity and justice is paper thin. Say it with pride!

Alien Flamenco offers a seemingly  good product but there’s more to it than that. He says his species has evolved beyond conflict, but that’s not quite it.

It’s not that they are super understanding beings. They literally can’t have war. They are limited to one body.  
It’s the difference between choosing not to and not being able to.

In a similar way, they are forcing their solution to the people of Earth.

Also, I was wrong. This is not Space Sheriff. This is Ultraman and I love it!

The Other

I was kind of glad to see this guy again
We also meet God this episode.

Apparently, Hazama is a passive reality warper.  The guy wished for a hero life and his energy levels have attracted that sort of thing.

Basically, the past episodes have been a results of his desires.

Which is not to say those things did not happen, because they did. They were quite real and they had in-universe reasons to happen.

However, they also happened due to Hazama’s influence.


But a real hero does not need super villains to be a hero. So long as there are jaywalkers and litterers, the hero shall ride on!

Go Samurai Flamenco return to your daily life!

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