Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 8

This is an Olympic Torch!


So things actually worked out better for Nobu than I expected. He seems to have a good handle on the situation and, for now, the support of the advisers.

With an army knocking at their doorstep and no other obvious leader, they would have to be very stupid to start something. Not that they aren’t stupid, but they’d need to be even more stupid.

Focusing on the outside enemy means they don’t have time to look the true culprit/s. That’s a time bomb waiting to happen.

For now, it’s fighting time!

The fight

Well, that's one sided
It’s Caesar vs Nobunaga!

I got to say I did not expect this fight so soon, but I’m kind of glad we it out of the way quickly.

We even got a historical reference with Hideyoshi… wonder if we’ll see other stuff.

The fight was cool enough and seeing robots on bikes is always good.

DaVinci also offered some background info to confirm stuff that has been hinted. Arthur does want to take over the place, because his planet’s leyline, for whatever reason, are drying up.


Okay, so Jeanne has been feeling down lately. This episode, I guess, marks her definite move to Team Nobu.

Jeanne feels useless and she has a vision of Nobu dying horrible against Caesar (about time. I was wondering where her visions had gone).

After some pep talks and getting told she should trust Nobu for whatever reason, she makes her move.

I could make a French joke here, but it’d be crass. However, you’re now thinking it.

Anyway, the important thing is that she awakens her Regalia (once again, I was surprised. I expected this to be saved for later).

It’s the Purity Regalia.

She’s going to have remain a virgin isn’t she? 

It's going to be something like "You want to keep the awesome powers? No sex for you."

Like the soup guy from Senfield only with sex.

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