Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 9

Trust my glowyness


Turns out beating up lots of people looks really good on your resume.

Who knew?

But yeah, say what you will about him, but Nobu is rather good at kicking ass and taking names. Doesn’t hurt that he has a super robot with elemental powers.

Even his advisers, limited in mental powers as they may be, have to admit he gets thing done.

So yeah, things are happening and they are good things for him. People are starting to accept him as their Lord.

Then the bad news come and the house of cards beings to crumble.


Last time, Jeanne discovered her Purity Regalia. I was not expecting her to get a giant robot too. Her story for this episode is controlling her Regalia which proves to be a hard job. She wants to protect Nobu.

Of course, according to him, that’s selfish and he never asked for it, ‘cause look how awesome he is.


I mean, this guy has people trying to protect him from day one. This guy needs people protecting him. His talk to his dead father and brother this ep. just reinforces this.

If anything Jeanne wanting to protect him is a good thing, ‘cause guys like Nobu are exactly the type who need a babysitter.

Of course, narrative keeps firmly on Nobu’s side.

Thing get better

Humble, he ain't
Mitsu feel horrible. Reallty horrible. Guy’s going to snap. He has decide to take on the worst role; so Nobu can shine.

He also rejects Ichihime which is totally lame. 


Really, dude have you not seen her?

Anyway, before Mitsu can go on a rampage and kill  the advisers who have decided to give up and submit to the enemy, Nobu appears.

Got to say, good speech. It was a really good moment for Nobu.

Contrary to what some of my comments may make it seem, I don’t dislike the guy. I just dislike the way the narrative goes out of his way to prove him right. It’s annoying. His character would benefit more if that was not the case.

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