Friday, March 28, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 10-11

The Monkey

We get a full episode dedicated to Totoyami Hideyoshi.

It was fun. He has been more of a comic character; so it was good to dive into his more serious side. The fact that Nobu “knew about it all along” was kind of annoying, but that’s how this anime goes.

I do have mixed feelings on Son Goku (yeah, I know that’s not the correct spelling. Sue me).

On one hand, awesome idea. A character nicknamed Monkey deserves no less than a Monkey King reference.

Plus, that flying cloud is just crazy awesome.

Flying clouds make everything better.

On the other hand, I don’t dig the design that much. 

Plus, it’s a shame for Brutus to be defeated so soon.

Emerging Power… not

Dance Orleans! Dance!
So, Nobu now has three Giant War Armors under his command and all of them use Regalia. Kenshin has no desire to interfere yet and Takeda is dead.

Which means everyone else ia kind of doomed. Not many people can fight that level of power. 

Nobu starts his advance and quickly gets a lot of wins.

Until Caesar strikes.

I got to say, I really liked how quickly he put Nobu’s entire army on the spot. For someone so important, he had been kind of disappointing after his loses to Nobu. The way in which he turns the tide against Nobu did a lot to reestablish his badass cred.

I did not really like the sudden appearance of the overheat weakness. Don’t get me wrong. It makes sense. The robot obviously don’t run on infinite power.

They aren’t Androids you know?

Still, it kind of feels like “Oh, and by the way, you have this super important weakness. Just letting you know.”

The Battle

Ave Caesar!

This was actually pretty damn good.

The strategy for taking out Caesar was simple, but made sense. Make him waste his super weapon shot. Mess up with his recharge. Profit!

The use of the machine from one episode ago was also nice.

So yeah, Caesar is backed into a corner.

And he gets backup from the Dragon.




Hell yeah!

It was just a great use of the quote. I was close to cheering for the guy just for that moment.

It’s so nice to see the plot helping the villains for once. Makes for a good change of pace. Plus, we get to see our heroes deal with a situation in which they have totally gotten their butts kicked and conquered by Caesar.

Next ep. Should be fun!

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