Monday, March 24, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 20-21

Perspective. It matters.

Meet your Fan

Everyone let’s give a good welcome to Sawada Haiji. Got to say he’s an interesting character. He’s not like the other villains we have seen so far. He doesn’t have a grand plan for world domination like King Torture, or From Beyond. He’s not out to forcefully evolve mankind like Beyond Flamenco.

He only has eyes for Flamenco thus proving not all inspiration is necessarily good.

It also teaches us why it is bad for your name to include a word that has the chance of wish granting in your superhero name, but to be fair it’s not like Hazama knew that back then.

Silly puberty

Anyway, Haiji presents a far more personal threat. His only purpose is to hurt Flamenco and he does a good job at that.

Show did a really good job at establishing him as a threat despite not showing crazy power just yet. The way he went after each person who knew Hazama was kind of chilling.

That said I really didn’t like the whole “How do I know he is real?” thing they went with for half an episode. I like clich├ęs and all, but that one is not really my favorite one.

Broken Dream Team

What do you say to a friend who you know has a problem?

Goto is functional. He clearly has no problems being a production member of society.

He is also delusional and clearly has a problem. Do you approach that? Do you uncover it? Or maybe you just let it go? Pretend everything is fine.

It’s a hard choice. Kicking the beehive is never nice. Neither for the bees no the kicker.

In this case, Hazama kicked the beehive in not exactly the best consequences.

I felt bad. I like those two and I really hope they manage to talk things out.

What you need is love!

But that is also a beautiful lie!

Red Axe lives!

I was so glad of that. As an aside, I really liked the Flamengers interaction in the hospital scene. Makes me wish we had more than one episode left, because this is the type of stuff I wish we could have seen more of.

Shame the Flamengers Arc was so short.

Anyway, during this scene we discover something.

Devoting your life to superheroing kind of takes away from your social skills. It may sound weird, but Hero stuff is all Hazama has fought about. He really has no experience with relationships and Haiji may be similar.

It’s rather interesting. I mean, needing love is not anything new, but Hazama’s ignorance about it is rather surprising.

Shipping Intensifies!

Seeing Ishihara explaining was fun.

I now ship the two.

Go on Flamenco! You must find true love!

And hopefully save the day, ‘cause really that was one evil cliffhanger.

Only one episode left!


I can’t wait!

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