Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 19

I'd vote for him

A Peaceful World

The universe is true to his word. The world is at peace, and I mean really at peace. Last post I talked about there always been jaywalkers but it seems like there isn’t even that.

It’s kind of nice.

Seeing people call Hazama president was pretty amusing. 

Let's be honest here, who wouldn’t vote a Kamen Rider for president?

The news of a World Government were pretty surprising. Not sure where they are going with that, but this show has yet to disappoint me so it should be good.

The Girlfriend

Hello honey!

So it’s finally here.

Goto’s girlfriend.

Let’s be honest we knew this reveal was not going to be nice to Goto. We knew Mari and Hazama weren’t going to find a perfectly well-adjusted, pretty and nice girl. This is the person we have never seen in person, whom Goto only talks to through text messages.

Plus, that one scene in the first opening with the flowers.

Something was up.

This ep. We find out what, and I have to feel bad for Got. It was just really sad to find out the identity of his “girlfriend”.

Seeing Hazama and Mari spying on him was fun though.

The villain

And damn!
Credit where credit’s due. The pace of Flamenco is fast.

Some twists I see coming. Others catch me by surprise by virtue of craziness.

This though? It wasn’t foreshadowed or anything like that, but it’s honestly kind of clever.

I never thought we would see the wimpy kid from episode 1 (2?). I certainly never thought he’d ever be a villain.

Guess, inspiration is not necessarily positive. 

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