Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Log Horizon 10

All Agreed?

The Round Table

Through the power of blackmail, A round table is formed!

Yay, blackmail!

Anyway, through the Round Table, Law comes to city. No more PKing or child labor guilds. And with Law comes peace. The city dramatically changes in just a week.

The change is not only thanks to the rules, but thanks to a booming economy. It’s still a rather primitive system but it’s there.

Shiroe rightly attributes the state of the city to people having nothing to do. Making money in a video is easy. Kill a couple of monsters and loot. I can’t think of a single RGP in which I was ever in danger of running out of money. While that’s cool for a game, living in such a way is just way too easy.

There’s no challenge. Players are like zombies going through the motions.

… which kind of shows how little imagination they have. Come on people! You’re in a world with dragons! You seriously can’t think of anything better to do?

A nice guy all along

One of the more interesting parts of this episode is the creation of a steam engine. Obvious in hindsight. The world is working based on certain rules, but they are not exactly limited by Elder Tale concepts. You need cooking skill to cook, but you need to cook with your own hands.

This apparently holds true for plenty of other skills.

Like the creation of the already mentioned steam engine.

What else can they bring into this world? Maybe a railway is getting too far ahead, but there’s plenty of possibility for change if the build the right stuff.

Yep, possibilities

The Danger

All is not exactly well. There’s a few problems here and there. Mainly the People of the Land.

Remember the map at the beginning of every episode? Those are Kingdoms there. Kingdoms who were there before the players got there.

Fact is, the People of the Land aren’t NPC and so far their interaction with the Adventures hasn’t been exactly golden. Which is kind of bad when you consider just how outnumbered the players are.

We even have a few People of the Land infiltrating the city this time. Wonder why that is? Because the rowdy adventurers have finally started to organize and can now pose a threat?  

Well, this can get ugly.

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