Saturday, December 21, 2013

Valvrave 23

The Pain of Betrayal

Shoko’s Continued Fall

Man, this just sucks.

I may have said some things about her, but I liked Season 1 Shoko. Now, the way she sold out Haruto wasn’t handled as well as it could have been, but there was still some hope for her. Last episode showed her finding out some of what Haruto had gone through.

So yeah, it may have been a bit eye-roll worthy, but a redemption scene could be done.

Now though? I can’t bring myself to care if they somehow try to redeem her character in the last episode.
Seriously, I felt bad for Haruto and Akira when she called them monsters. Especially Akira. Haruto may have been hard, but he's able to handle it better. 

Akira though? Socially awkward, once bitten, twice shy Akira? Poor girl.

They may have tried to paint it as “putting on a brave face”, but the truth is she gave into peer pressure.



My Inner Shipper is so happy right now

Okay so, I haven’t been entirely happy with how Season 2 has handled Haruto's character, but I liked him during this episode. Guy has a goal and he knows what he has to do. Kick ass and take names. L-Elf has stayed behind; so Haruto assumes a more leader-like role in things this time.

I liked how he was able to handle the objections to the plan.

Mostly though, I liked the Haruto and Saki moments. The two have some good chemistry.

Plus, Pinky Promise!

I’m kind of annoyed at the Rune usage though. Come on Haruto. You could have taken a little from each student on your side. They wouldn’t have minded… much.

Damn, the guy has so many death flags right now.

Live Haruto! Live!

The Fight!

If you think this is bad, you should see the other guy

Giant Robot action!


Really good battle this time. 4 VVVs vs the World.

That said, the Kirchbaum have really been reduced in threat level. When they debuted, they were untouchable. Then, Kyuuma took down four.

Now Haruto takes down one after another in one really badass scene. Kind of understandable given the way the guy is burning through his Runes, but still. There really haven’t been enough battles this season for the robots to show their stuff.

That said, I like the way the Dorssian Army can switch batteries on the field. Pretty ingenious.

And Thunder dies.

I hated that.

Okay, it was a really smart move on Q-Vier’s part, but damn it! I liked Thunder. Plus, his death scene wasn’t nearly epic enough.

And damn, poor Akira. Again.

L-Elf’s Counterattack

German for Badass

Thanks to H-Neun’s earings, the Dorssian kids find out the truth. Cain is a evil.

And just in time to join L-Elf on his plan too.

Except for Q-Vier. Kid’s crazy.

I got to admit it was kind of fun seeing them working together again. Especially because this is what poor A-Drei has been wishing for all along.

Anyway, L-Elf plan is rather simple.

Just kill the Dorssian leader on live TV.

I have to admit, it was a pretty big leap. Before this I would have bet on Magius not having regeneration, given Cain’s comment about Haruto being a third generation. 

So the difference is that Magius do age while Kamitsuki don’t?

In any case, his plan works and thanks Akira's hacking no one is going to mess with the transmission. 

The world has been exposed!

Only one episode left.

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