Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita 12

Shame, she doesn't keep the look

Okay so, last episode this time. As always that means doing things a little differently.


Raul + Company chase after Fino. A task not made easy by all the demons attacking them.

Raul and All-A get cool new swords in the process (more like “borrow” in All-A’s case). Predictably Raul is the only one who gets to the end goal, courtesy of good-old fashioned “Leave this to me. You go on ahead.”

Well, technically he gets tricked into going ahead but it’s the same difference.

Meanwhile, the other demon guy who orchestrated the whole is quickly turned into comic relief. 


Back to the action, Raul finds Fino. Problem is, she has no intention of making things easy.

Fight time!

Thanks to his sword skills and reminding her of the seven phrases he taught to her way back, Raul manages to snap Fino out of it and rescues her.

Thing go back to normal. Everyone goes back to the shop and All-A joins the shop.

Happy end and all that.

Final Thoughts

I'll move... in a minute... or five

My thoughts on this anime are… disappointing really. But let’s start with the good first.

Fino is pretty entertaining. Not really my favorite character, but her character type is rather refreshing.

The girls are all cute and there’s plenty of fanservice.

Raul makes for an entertaining lead. At least at the start. The inner conflict he has going on was really promising at the start.

Problem is, show didn’t live up to that promise. Doesn't help, that it is airing on the same season as other really good shows.

You'll break soon enough

The show didn’t do a good job at handling the whole Wanting to be a Hero vs Reluctantly getting a Job in A World that Doesn’t Need Heroes. It took an easy way out making the whole Hero System corrupt to the bones and at the end of the day our protagonist settles for the his job in sales.

Really disappointing. Given that there’s this whole evil conspiracy going on! You’re just going to go back to your normal life? That’s not what heroes do.

The show also had the misfortune of airing on the same season as Samurai Flamenco.

You want to be a hero? Go out and start with the jaywalkers. It might not be glamorous but you’re at least doing Hero work.

Ultimately, this show had promise but ended up sabotaging itself. 

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