Saturday, December 14, 2013

Valvrave 22

I wasn't saying it but...

Boy, a lot of stuff happened this episode, main thing being Haruto and L-Elf’s heart to heart. Let’s focus on that last. Worst thing first.

So Shoko.

Okay, so I can buy that in the heat of the moment selling out Haruto may have seemed like a good idea. Doesn’t change it was a stupid move, but it can seem like a good idea when everyone around is dying.

But to defend that choice?

I mean, Inuzuka died. Weren't you the least bit moved by that sacrifice? Plus, let’s face it, selling out Haruto and L-Elf accomplished nothing. They were still going to get killed had Inuzuka not sacrificed himself. If anything not selling out Haruto gave them a chance of making it without anyone else dying.

Four VVVS are better than three.

Not cool, Shoko. Not cool at all.

Hello Suffering
Things may turn around now the she gets just what Haruto has sacrificed to pilot the VVV, but it’s too little now.

Poor Akira. Wonder how she feels about her only friends treating her like that.

… wonder if Pino can show Shoko all the Saki/Haruto scenes that took place on a VVV. That’d be awkward.

Why am I so damn fabulous?
Now most of the episode is focused on Haruto and L-Elf’s moon adventure.

These two never had the best relationship but things really blow up this episode. L-Elf has given up on life now the Lieselotte is gone.

As an aside, we see that in A-Drei’s flashback L-Elf is way more easygoing. I thought it was weird how he was during the flashback to his attempt to capture Lieselotte but maybe that’s how the guy used to be. He was a soldier just less…. L-Elf. Seems like his failure back the made him colder.

Anyway, L-Elf has given up on life, but Haruto has not. This kind of pisses L-Elf who proceeds to goad Haruto.

Then they really go at it.

Not talking about the actual fight. That one is hilariously one-sided with L-Elf being E-Elf. I’m talking about the argument. They throw each other everything they could have thrown.  All the dirty nasty secrets are put out in the open like Haruto killing Shoko’s dad or Lieselotte being a Magius (guess Haruto didn’t have time to tell him that. Not surprising given L-Elf’s state).

It's Empire Time
It’s surprisingly therapeutic for both of them.

I mean, sure NewType ghosts and Dark Haruto played a part in it, but I like to believe beating each other up on the moon also helped.

With their resolve restored, Haruto and L-Elf have a new goal! A country where Space Vampires and Humans can live together!

Well, that only took them more than 22 episodes.

That said, it was a really good moment, especially since it had Saki in it. I am so glad she’s back. The lack of screentime she has had this season is criminal.

With only two episodes left, how will things wrap up?

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