Monday, December 9, 2013

Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita 10

Evil Laughter is good for kids

Okay so, I’m going to drop the usual format this time.

This episode we find out that heroes want Fino to be the demon lord. See, there was this whole Hero business going on. Which in retrospect is kinda obvious.

I mean they have Hero School! Raul was just fanboying over a Brand Name Sword!

So yeah, being a hero is a pretty big business. You have armor and weapon makers. You have schools that teach you how to be a hero in a world in world where being a hero is awesome.

Seriously, career choice: Hero? Not a hard choice at all. Only now, there is nothing to fight. Because the Demon Lord is gone.

We can Fix Her
Unless Fino steps up. Only Fino doesn’t want to. Girl’s just too na├»ve. She’s not cut out for the job. Not now at least. She just wants to open up a shop in the demon world.

An act which can lead her to becoming sorta demon lord-y if you start thinking about it, but let’s skip that part.

Unfortunately, things are moving behind the scenes. In the past episodes we saw one of the demons was working together with Magical Walmart. Didn’t make much sense back then, but now it does. Business. 

Everyone profits.

Even Raul’s Hero pals are in on it. They were the ones who attacked Fino in the first palce.

This is too easy.

A Demon All Along

I mean, the anime had this whole What I wanted to Do vs What I am doing Now conflict going on. It was interesting.  Now, Fino has always been firmly on one side, but Raul wasn’t.

And really why should he? Guy was good at what he did.

The problem is that the opposition are people that won’t hesitate to restart a war because “Sales/I Want to be a Hero”.

Well, there is not much of a moral conflict there is it? It kinda cheapens the thing and makes it easier for Raul to be just a sales guy.

There are some uncomfortable implications there.

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