Thursday, December 26, 2013

Log Horizon 12

Mad? What a silly idea

The Dance

Remember that first dance? The nervousness of asking someone to dance for the first time?

Now try that while on a diplomatic mission. When all eyes are actually on you.

The People of the Land are curious about the Adventurers, which means the Adventurers have to do certain things to close the gap.

Like dancing.

After being maneuvered into a dancing situation by Crusty, Shiroe has no choice but to make a fool of himself. Good thing Henrietta is a bard.

Remember it people. Always have a bard. Power’s no good unless you make it look good.

As a sidenote, I got to admit. It was really fun seeing Akatsuki being jealous afterwards.

Call me Leeroy


The training camp goes on. These players must learn about the importance of a party. The Adventurers are strong, and learning how to work as a part is a key part of making sure they keep their strength.

Plus, it’s safer to min max when there is someone covering up for your weaknesses. One guy tanks. One guy heals. One guy attacks.

Then there’s the guy that charges and completely screws up the plan.

You know him. You have played with him at least one time.

This time the role is played by Rudy.

Good luck team, you’re going to need it.

Seriously though, it's nice to see a hothead. We have too many level-headed people already. 

The Dirty World of Politics

Well, there's a fun toy to play with

Our heroes are getting dragged into politics which brings a few questions to mind.

How does the quest system work now?

When it was a game, you receive a quest and do it. No repercussions. Hell, in some games you can do a quest then do a quest for the enemy of the first guy and still be able to receive quests from both after. You're free to be as two-faced as you can.

Now things have changed and the People of the Land are annoyed by the fact the Adventurers aren’t mindlessly taking quest anymore.

It also raises the issues of unity. The Round Table can’t force a guild not to take a quest, but conflict of interests are bound to emerge in the future.

Also, Crusty has a plan it seems.

It’s probably something evil.


  1. No sure if you noted it, but the people of land are surprised that the adventurers are not mindless no more... and the adventurers thought the NPC were mindless.

    Well, no more players going kill 20 goblins for gain 1 copper... I guess who was really mindless before, the players or the NPC?

    1. Yeah, I noticed that. It was really interesting.

      Makes you wonder just what type of game Elder Tales really is.

      Plus, what makes you think only one side was mindless? :)

      Perspective. It's all about perspective.

    2. So.... only the goblins are not mindless?

      Goblins have a very low perspective... they are small....