Thursday, December 5, 2013

Log Horizon 8-9

Trust the Glasses


There is a lot of that going in these two episodes. Last episode it was established that getting 5 million selling delicious burgers would be impossible.

How to get that much money?

Sell the recipe!

A meeting with all the major crafting guilds leads to the successful sale of the recipe and it also highlights a rather close-minded mentality from the players’ part. The guys immediately leap to the conclusion that the money was for a quest.

Granted they were mislead, but the thing is how easily they were mislead. They were ready and willing to believe in a Quest despite the fact that the world is very real now.

More important things to do than embarking on a Quest you know?

The Kids

Step. Step. Stomp.

So the kids go through a period of depression. Something to do with not feeling worthy of receiving the help of someone as strong as Shiroe because they are weak and pathetic.

Silly kids.

Luckily they get over it soon enough.

And Touya used to be on a wheelchair. That was surprising but not entirely unexpected. These guys all have brand new bodies and the possibilities of having a different body were already hinted at with Akatsuki’s formerly male body.

I’m happy for Touya. Kid’s got potential.

Let’s Blackmail

So, which moment do you think is more dramatic to reveal I can kick them out of the city?
Shiroe bought the Guild Building.

That means he controls the bank and he who controls the bank controls the money and he who controls money rules the city

Funny thing, anyone could have done this. All buildings are for sale. It was just a matter of thinking outside the box. All the big guilds were in much better positions to do this but they didn’t.

They couldn’t see beyond the game I guess.

With control of the Guild Building Shiroe shut down the slave labor guild, forced an alliance between guilds.

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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  1. "Don’t you just love a happy ending?"

    And too the villains win at the end...