Thursday, December 12, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 10


Shattered Diamond

We start with a flashback to how Mari got captured.

She kinda asked for it.

She has always been a little cocky, but taking on the enemy boss without asking for help? That’s another level. Now, she and Moe are caught and at the mercy of the enemy.

Mari has been playing around. She’s not doing this because she wants to fight evil. She’s doing it because it’s fun. She’s kind of selfish and self-centered. That’s nothing really new, but this time the consequences are really bad.

King Torture capitalizes on this. Guy can deliver a pretty mean Hannibal Lecture. He tore down her ego. She’s not the main character. She’s bait. She’s not even a hero. She’s selfish. Deep down, she really wanted Moe to sacrifice herself.

Girl is a really bad place emotionally.

Our Evil Origin

Let us learn the ABCs of Evil
Turns out these guys are the same as Flamenco. Sentai fanboys.

Only different. They are the guys the preferred the bad guy. So edgy sentai fanboys.

The thing with heroes? They do a horrible job. No matter how many evil guys he beats, no matter how many shadowy organizations the hero brings down, evil will remain. Heroes accomplish nothing.

It’s way better for everyone to be united in evil, right? At least that goal is sorta reachable.

Yeah, no.

Just no.

That makes no sense at all. I mean really. You have all that technology and that pessimism is the best you can come up with? Can't you see beyond those ridiculous notions?

I am a Hero

And I don't give up
Heroes never give up. That’s the basics. Even if everyone else goes evil, he will fight for Justice!

But you know what? Heroes ain’t alone.

They have allies, friends. People who will take care of the small stuff stopping the hero so he can go and fight the big bad.

See, it’s always about the small stuff. The police that help evacuate the city. The scientist that helped to help the hero take care of the small fry. The retired master that decided to show up for once.

Or the police officer you trust enough to take care of giant rocket. Without them Samurai Flamenco couldn’t be Samurai Flamenco.

Man, that final battle was awesome.

But… now what?

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