Friday, December 6, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 8-9

And the face award goes to...

Turns out it was not a Dream

Yep, Guillotine Gorilla and King Torture totally happened. Monster attacks have become a thing that happens now. There’s even mooks.

They are called Torture Boys.

Thankfully our heroes seem to be doing much better against the new guys when compared to Guillotine Gorilla.

They even have appropriately sentai villain plans. Like bacteria that makes people gossip.

Yep, we seem to have undergone a bit of genre shift here.

That said, it was nice to see Hazama worry about the fact he is killing monster… well, more like they self-destruct. That said even he eventually grows numb to it.


Bored Now
And that’s part of the problem. What happens when you have monster attacks literally every other week and no one ever dies (except the monster that is)?

People get used to it.

Monster attacks don’t call as much attention as they did before. People barely bat an eyelash nowadays.

Even the Flamenco Girls are less into the whole thing. Mari has stopped caring about repeating the same old pattern every other week.

The frustration explodes in a rather big way when she launches an interview challenging King Torture.

During this time, Goto and Hazama get into a fight, mainly because Hazama is starting to get too cocky for his own good. 

Things get real

How does Tuesday sound?

So yeah, that old school sentai vibe? Totally meant to lure us into a false sense of security, both in and out of universe.

The whole King Torture thing?

There’s a reason for the name.

Reporter guy switches sides after having a few cool moments and gives Mari to the bad guys.

Also, torture.

Seriously. The guy went from silly to creepy and kind of scary fast.

The final battle is at hand!

Just what the hell is going to happen now.

Other than that of course
Yeah, I just added that image 'cause I like it.

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