Friday, December 20, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 11

Well, this escalated quickly

Well, damn.

This episode.

Just… this episode!

A Beautiful Liar

Kill and Break!
So it turns out Red Axe wasn’t in Africa.

And it turns out he’s not just an action movie star. See, the guy is in charge of a secret organization made to combat an evil threat!

He’s actually Zordon with some Nick Fury mixed in.

Damn, this is awesome.

Seriously. Every scene with the guy during the episode was gold. From the reveal, to the way he explains why he could only recruit a red ranger team, and that heroic sacrifice (that speech! God, that speech!) which actually wasn’t. That was just badass.

I didn’t know what to make of the guy when he was first introduced but now I do. Kaname is a bit (really) weird, but he’s a good guy.

Truly a beautiful liar.   
From Beyond

Another Day in Tokyo
The Big Bad.

How did you think King Torture was able to do all the cool things he did?

People don’t turn into Gorillas by wishing really hard, you know?

Obviously there was a larger villain involved, From Beyond!

Who is apparently some kind of alien organism that now has a flying fortress and monster

Plus trailers. You got to respect a villain that goes out of its way to show trailers of its monsters so people will get what they are dealing with.


Let's Flamenco!
Assemble, Samurai Sentai! Flamengers!

Awfully convenient their name happens to be related to Samurai Flamenco.

Anyway, we are in full sentai territory now. They have the suits, the weapons.

And the giant robot.

I was grinning all throughout the episode.

The first time the unexpected Guillotine Gorilla twist came, I was confused as hell. Now, I have learned to enjoy, because this show does not disappoint. They did a really good job at balancing the silly, the funny, the serious, and the badass. Really hard to pull off, but they did it. This was great.

Should be interesting to see how this develops, especially with all the new characters.

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