Friday, October 11, 2013

HST Report #17

Party Night!

 Better late than never I say.

One Piece #724

Okay, so Sanji and Dofla wasn’t off-screened. This was actually a nice chapter with quite a bit of things happening.

Sanji gets a few hits, but Dofla is quite strong. It’s up to Law to save him through his awesome dimensional powers… which should have really helped him more than they did when it was his time to fight Dofla.

Overpowered by Dofla and with another Admiral closing in, Law convinces the Strawhats to run away. At this point, Sanji points out the obvious, for a guy that’s supposedly on the alliance to get at one of the 4 Emperors, Law is a bit too interested in Dofla. Turns out he is right as Law latter admits. This is all about getting Doflamingo.

Apparently, there is a tragic past involved. Flashback time!

As an aside,  seems Dofla does care for his subordinates.

Bleach #522

Bankai Recovery? Totally a joke

Hitsugya is down. Matsumoto is down. Things look bad. Thankfully Uruhara has a plan.

Turns out, that Hollows are super poisonous to Quincy, which kinda explains Masaki’s never before seen reaction to a Hollow, but not how Jail could absorb one big and powerful Hollow and be kinda okay.

Anyway, with help of a super pill, they manage to kinda Hollowify the Bankai.

This totally saves Hitsugaya’s ass for a second time.

Not much to say here.

Naruto #650

The Ninja attack!

Mifune gets to show some cool slicing power, Tobirama can remote teleport ninja using the Fourth’s Kunai and their link with Naruto’s chakra, and Tsunade and Sakura use Katsuyu to counter Juubi’s draining powers. 

Obito is forced to change the tree to a more battle suited form, which is a good thing since fighting against roots is just not that epic. Now, dragon shaped tree roots? That’s the stuff.

As an aside, I really enjoyed the moment between Sarutobi and Orochimaru. It’s a small thing, but seeing the two fight together is way more satisfying than it should. As a sidenote, Sarutobi is a tough old man.

A few hundred meters above ground, Obito fights Sasuke and Naruto with foreseeable results.

Obito chooses the moment to deliver another speech on the futility of Naruto’s ideals. Fact is, Naruto is getting to him to some degree. Naruto is the representation of everything Obito discarded. More than that, Naruto is doing all the stuff that Obito had given up on. Obito needs to hammer him down.

But Naruto is Naruto. He is the nail that fucks up your hammer.

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