Thursday, October 24, 2013

HST Report #19

You Activated my Trap Card!

Bleach #554

After one last heroic effort Hitsugaya falls. The bankai go back to their owners. With these the tides have surely turned and what not right?

Not quite.

See, Emperor knew this was going to happen, which makes sense. If someone steals my best weapon, I sure as hell am going to try to find a way to recover it.

Thing is, having the bankai meant the Quincy couldn’t use their super modes, and now they can. Tough luck.

This chapter we get a bit more Bambietta, which is cool. She’s among my favorite new Quincy. Sadly she is up against two Shinigami. Komomura presumably has a power up and Shinji hasn’t used Bankai yet. Those are tough odds to beat.

On the other hand, the E seems to stand for explosions and explosions are awesome.

Naruto #652

Stop Dreaming only when you have made it Real

Okay so I was wrong it wasn’t the end and it wasn’t only power of friendship.

The chakra given to Naruto by the other tailed beasts helped quite a bit as well. Didn’t expect to see a return of the chakra tug war, but it works.

That aside, it seems we have a mindscape fight on our hands. Cool. 

I have to say the moment where Obito sees Naruto with the army behind him and looks behind him only to find emptiness was pretty good. Obito has really started to doubt himself and now Naruto has seen his memories.

Time to rip that mask off!

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